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Swahili Society America (SSA) is a Society of Swahili Speakers and friends in the District of Columbia, Maryland Virginia (DMV) and the surrounding States of PA, DE, WV, and NC. It is a credible and trusted platform to bring Swahili speaking people together and embrace the Swahili language.

Our History

SSA is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by a Tanzanian-born indigenous in the DMV area.

Our Objectives

To address social, cultural, and economic issues impacting the Swahili society in America
To strengthen the line of communication between Swahili speaking countries.
To embrace and advocate Swahili cultures within USA.

Our Mission

At Swahili Society America, our mission is to network and stay connected with Swahili speakers and friends within the USA; to promote, advance, and protect the interests and welfare of Swahili speakers and language; to encourage professional relationship for career development and opportunities; to promote Swahili culture, education, and commercial relations between its members and collaboration with the government entities, nonprofit organizations, and local businesses.

Our Team

Dr. Patrick Nhigula – Advisory board Bio
Mr. Liberatus Mwa’gombe – Director Bio
Ms. Jessica Mushala – Advisory Board Bio
Dr. Nicholous Boaz – Advisory Board Bio

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we get at SSA:

Why should I join SSA?
You can network and stay connected with Swahili speakers and friends within the USA.
Am I eligible to join SSA?
As long as you live in the USA and are a Swahili Speaker or a friend, you are eligible to join SSA.
Is there a joining fee?
No, there is no membership fee. However, contributions are appreciated in order to run day to day SSA activities.

Learn More

Interested to learn more about our organization? Contact; Call, Text, WhatsApp us at +1-202-299-6307 for more details! Email: Info@swahilisociety.org